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General Information
Kiwisport Objectives

The KiwiSport Regional Partnership fund is a government funded initiative that helps to get more school-aged children participating in organised sport. Sport NZ who oversee the KiwiSport fund have enlisted the 14 Regional Sports Trusts, such as Sport Southland, to manage the fund on their behalf. The amount of funding allocated to each Sports Trust depends on how many school-aged children are in each region. Sport Southland has administrated this fund on behalf of Sport NZ since 2009.

KiwiSport aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • More Kids - Increase the number of school-aged children participating in organised sport – during school, after school and by strengthening links with sports clubs; 
  • More Opportunities - Increase the availability and accessibility of sport opportunities for all school-aged children;
  • Better Skills - Support children to develop skills that will enable them to participate effectively in sport at both primary and secondary level.

Funds Available

There are two different funds:

  1. Activation Fund
    This is a contestable fund designed to help get new opportunities up and running or to help expand projects to reach new young people. There will be up to three funding rounds held over 2016-2017 and projects applied must complete delivery within 12 months.
  2. Community Partnership Fund
    This non-contestable fund is a more targeted approach to achieving the KiwiSport objectives and will target two of the four community priority areas – Basic Sport Skills and Low Participation Communities.

Community Priority Areas

Four priority areas have been identified through the 2015 consultation for the Southland region. These areas will be used to help prioritise funding applications through 2015-18.

Basic Sport Skills
The focus will be on the development of basic sport skills in primary and intermediate school aged children (5-12 years) through age and stage appropriate activities. There will also be an interest around how this aligns with Sport NZ’s Physical Literacy approach. There will also be a focus on ensuring a complimentary approach towards Physical Education in schools.

Low Participating Communities 
Any project will need to provide rationale and some evidence for how they identified the communities they want to work with. Some priority will be given to applications focussed on low socio-economic areas and 10-18 year old girls.

Cost Effective Sport Opportunities
A focus will be placed on providing meaningful cost effective sporting opportunities across the region, particularly addressing low or declining participation rates in both primary and secondary school aged students. There will be an element around sustainability to ensure young people have meaningful opportunities long term to engage in that activity.

Coaches and Volunteers
The focus will be on the recruitment and development of new and existing coaches to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required to provide good quality stage-appropriate sporting opportunities to young people. The impact must revolve around coaches (Foundation and Development coaches) and volunteers of primary school and secondary school aged young people (5-18 years).


Sport Southland completed a full review of its KiwiSport Regional Partnership Plan in 2014/15, where it was signed off by Sport NZ for the 2015-2018 period. Community consultation included an online survey along with seven targeted workshops and interviews across a range of community groups, schools and sporting bodies. Overall 110 participants took part across the range of opportunities including the survey. The largest groups represented through this process included primary schools (25.5%), youth (22.7%), parents (11.8%), RSOs (11.8%) and Clubs (11.8%).

We have also taken into consideration the following pieces of work when writing the investment plan:

  • Survey of Participation in Sport and Recreation among students in Year 7 and 8 in Southland (Sport Southland, 2013) 
  • School Sport Futures Project (Sport NZ, 2014) 
  • Sport and Recreation in the Lives of Young New Zealanders (Otago / Southland Regional Profile) 
  • NZ Secondary School Sport Census 2014 
  • Sport NZ Community Sport advice (20-April 2015) 
  • Good Practice Principles: Children and Young People in Sport and Recreation (Sport NZ)

Activation Fund
Activation Fund

This contestable fund is designed to help get new opportunities up and running or to help expand projects to reach new young people. Funding will be allocated on a range of projects to ensure region wide coverage and a broad coverage across the four community priority areas. Successful projects applied must complete delivery within 12 months.

Closing dates for applications 18th November 2016 and 10th March 2017. If there are still funds left for distribution, a final round will be held closing 19th May 2017.

It is highly recommended that applicants consider the following criteria before submitting their application:

  • Meet one or more of the stated KiwiSport objectives – More Kids, More Opportunities and Better Skills. We will invest funding in projects which can ensure new or increased opportunities for school-aged children to participate in organised sport in Southland 
  • Target school aged children from 5 – 18 years of age 
  • Align with one or more of the identified priority areas – Basic Sport Skills, Coaching and Volunteers, Low participation communities and Cost Effective Opportunities 
  • Provide minimum 20% financial contribution rate to the overall project costs 
  • Provide clear measures for project evaluation

Please feel free to contact the appropriate Sport Southland staff member to discuss your application, prior to submission:

Regional Sport Organisations and Clubs
Andrew Petrie, Capability Manager

Schools and Coaching
Luciana Garcia, Capability Advisor – Schools and Coaching

Low Participating Communities
Gareth Scott – Community Activator – Lead or Martin Mackereth – Community Activator or

CLICK HERE to download the Activation Fund application form 2016-2017

Frequently Asked Questions

The Panel reviewing projects in the Activation Fund will include community representation as well as Sport Southland representation. Applicants may be invited to present as part of their application. Final decision making on all allocations will be done through Sport Southland’s Board of Trustees.

Notification of Outcome
All applicants will be advised in writing of their outcome within four weeks of the closing date unless stated otherwise. Following this, all funding outcomes will be available for download from the Sport Southland website.

Contracts and Payments
All successful applicants will be required to sign a contract with Sport Southland outlining all project details, milestones and payment schedules.

Reporting and Accountability
Sport Southland will require all applicants to report back on its intended delivery, agreed milestones and budget outcome versus expenses. A project template will be provided to each applicant, which will be required upon completion of the project or within a timeframe specified by Sport Southland. Sport Southland reserves the right to request proof of receipts.

Project Expenses
The following are examples of the types of projects and expenses that WILL NOT BE FUNDED through this KiwiSport fund:

  • Programmes that undermine existing club / volunteer infrastructure 
  • Programmes that are considered to be business as usual for stakeholder or where funding displaces existing funding 
  • Sport facilities and other capital works 
  • One-off events and event sponsorship 
  • Retrospective projects (anything prior to the notification date) 
  • Social marketing campaigns 
  • Programmes that focus on nutrition
  • Administration including administration based personnel, overheads, vehicle maintenance and lease 
  • Personnel costs (i.e. Wages and salaries) for roles that already exist 
  • Travel for participants outside of the Southland region 
  • School camps

The following projects were funded through the Sport Southland KiwiSport Contestable fund.
2015/16 Contestable KiwiSport Funding
Name of Project
Amount Funded

Aurora College

Aurora College Cluster Activator


Edendale Primary School

Eastern Southland Sports Activator


Winton Primary School

Central Southland Sports Activator


Tokanui School

Tokanui School Courts Resurface


Rugby Southland

‘Stag Tag’ Development Project


Netball South

ANZ Future Ferns


Tennis Southland

Tennis Hot Shots in Schools


Southland Cricket Assn

South Invercargill School Development Programme


Southland Football

Futsal Introductory Project for Invercargill and Gore


Garston School 

Sports Skills Development


St Peter’s College

Indoor Bowls


Otautau School

Gymnastics at Otautau


Invercargill Gymnastics Club

GymSport Skills Development for Schools


Takitimu Primary School

Movement and Striking Skills


Southland Secondary School Sports Association

Invest in Sport


Central Southland College

Archery at CSC


Southland Secondary School Sports Association

Physical Activity Leaders (PALs)


Queenstown Lakes District Council 

Kids Games


Northern Southland College 



Winton Athletics Club 



Queens Park Golf Club 

Junior Golf Coaching


Invercargill Golf Club

Invercargill Junior Golf 2016/17




2014/15 Contestable KiwiSport Funding
Name of Project
Amount Funded

Aurora College

Lunchtime activities


Aurora Sports Club

Turbo Touch Tournament


Badminton Southland



Central Southland School Sports Association

Winter Sports Tournament


Central Southland Tennis

Racquet Rockets


Garston School

Kids Games


Golf Southland

Snag in the Park


Northern Southland College

NSC Students on Bikes


Pukerau School

Tennis Skills


Southland Football

Junior Girls League


Southland Girls High

Boxfit Classes



School Sport Interaction Games



Invest in Sport


Te Anau Tennis Club

Get More Girls Playing Tennis


Tennis Southland

Hot Shots


Tokanui Netball Club



Wakatipu High School

Rugby Council


Projects Cancelled and Funds Returned







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