Coaching in Schools

Coaching in Schools is an initiative funded by KiwiSport and coordinated by Sport Southland.

KiwiSport funding has allowed five schools to employ Coaching Coordinators in part-time (10 hours per week) roles.

The schools involved are Menzies College, Central Southland College, Wakatipu High School, Aurora College and Verdon College.

The aim is to increase the quality and number of coaches working within secondary schools.

More capable coaches will have a positive impact on students and their experiences in sport, meaning they should be more likely to continue with sport in the future.

The Coaching Coordinators work closely with the school Sports Coordinators, along with sport Southland Coach Development Advisor Luciana Garcia; looking at how schools recruit, retain, recognise and develop coaches.

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Contact Sport Southland Coach Development Advisor Luciana Garcia

P: 03 211 2150